Mental Health Services

Sometimes people need mental health services to explore new challenges in life or new relationships or to learn how to resolve unhappy situations. Our mental health services are tailored specifically to fit the uniqueness of your problem(s) and possible ways to improve the psycho-social functioning of the individual, family, couple or child.


■ Individual– Counseling

■Marital/Couple Counseling

■Group-Psycho educational

■Psychotherapy Groups

■Children’s Play-Therapy

Patients living with HIV or AIDS are confronted with multiple psychosocial factors that affect the emotional and mental condition of the patient and his/her nuclear and extended family.

Our mental health services are tailored to ensure that our patients and families learn to live with HIV/AIDS and all the problems related to his chronic medical condition.

Patients receiving mental health treatment by our organization receive on-going psycho-social referrals that would assist the patient and his or her family to obtain supplementary services that will assist them in their recovery.

What should you expect…

During the mental health treatment you should expect to learn about HIV infection, transmission and treatment modalities available to the HIV-infected individual.

You will learn to talk about the important medical care necessities for the patient.


  • You will learn to advocate for the HIV-positive patient in a medical setting as well as in a psychosocial setting.

  • You and your family will be able to learn to disclose the HIV status to other members of your family and community.

  • You will learn to openly talk about reduction of high-risk behaviors to prevent HIV transmission.

  • You will be able to resolve issues related to anger, depression, anxiety and any other emotion evoked by the HIV diagnosis.

  • You will learn to disclose the HIV/AIDS diagnosis to the children in your family.

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